Real quick on Lane Kiffin, the atrocious decision maker

So, let me get this straight… Continue reading →

On the Giants and so-called ‘Bay love’

I remember back when I was a youngin’ growing up a stone’s throw from Lake Merritt in Oakland, former Giants closer Robb Nen was just as much my favorite baseball player as Rickey Henderson was (by then Rickey was on his final stint with the A’s). I also remember giddily celebrating the triumph of The Catch II while an out-of-date and faded Jeff Hostetler Raiders jersey hung in my closet.

They’re times I look back at with rosy cheeks. Continue reading →

On those AL WEST CHAMPION swingin’ A’s

When it comes what the Oakland A’s accomplished this season, culminated by Wednesday’s division-clinching win, one word best describes it. Continue reading →

A bandwagon fan’s guide to the Oakland A’s

So, you really like what’s going on in Oakland these days? And you really want to throw your support behind the A’s now that they’re officially going to be in the playoffs and aren’t sucky anymore? Well, that would qualify you as a bandwagon fan. No, don’t worry, I’m not using that term in a derogatory sense. Truth is, I invite people to jump on the A’s bandwagon, and the A’s community should welcome you. WHO ELSE IS GOING TO FILL THE COLISEUM IN THE PLAYOFFS? But you should at least know a little about what you’re supporting. What do you think this is, the presidential election? This is sports, damn it. This shit matters!

Anyway, please feel free to use this as a reference guide as you join the Athletics and their fans in progress of what’s been a totally amazing journey. But, remember: if this good thing the A’s have going suddenly crashes and burns, it’s all your fault. Continue reading →

Sunday’s Ryder Cup collapse was bad, but was it worse than 1999′s?

Lost to some in the shadow of a (finally) controversy-free, scab referee-less Sunday of NFL action was Europe’s monumental comeback win in the Ryder Cup.

If your Sunday afternoon was devoid of golf, you missed theatrics comparable to a football game featuring Geno Smith. You missed a finish more dramatic, more jaw-dropping than that time when Gus Fring had half of his face blown off. But if you did witness the Meltdown (or Miracle!) at Medinah, you were lucky to experience all of the above. However, you also know about the utter heartbreak and disappointment the Americans have to cope with. Continue reading →

The one where I complain about lockouts

One of the things I was surprised to learn during the Great Lockout Epidemic of 2011 was the strict embargo on contact between both sides outside of negotiations. Sure, players being barred from using team facilities or communicating with team officials made sense to me. But it were the trivialities that seemed silly. Things like team websites having to be cleared of any player names or likenesses. Or players and team officials having to file a report whenever they made a chance encounter with each other out in the real world. Or both sides needing permission to attend an event in which members of the other side will be present. Remember how Mark Cuban needed consent from the league to attend the ESPYs, or how Avery Johnson had to be cleared to attend Kris Humphries’ fairy tale wedding with Kimmy Kardashian©? What happened to the days when you could go to a fake awards show or a fake wedding without having your superiors hassle you about it? Continue reading →