The weekend that was

Too busy having a baby this weekend? Here’s whatcha missed. Leggo!

Friday night

Video: Dennis Rodman spills his heart out in an emotional and honest hall of fame speech. []


Cubs place Carlos Zambrano on disqualified list for a month. [Chicago Trib]

Cam Newton so-so in debut vs. Giants [AP]

Angels’ Jered Weaver destroyed by Jays; Verlander’s Cy Young hold strengthens. [LA Times]

Big 12 (minus two) and SEC pushing for Texas A&M [AP]

After suffering a seizure last week in practice, Eagles defensive tackle is back to working out with the team. [AP]

Recently benched Posada hits a grand slam, knocks in six in Yankees rout of Rays [NY Daily News]

Kendrick Perkins arrested after Texas nightclub scuffle. [AP, TMZ]

Some unconfirmed reports allege that Stephen Jackson and Rajon Rondo were involved in the Perkins dust-up. [CBS Sports]


Somebody named Keegan Bradley now has more major wins in the past two years than Tiger Woods. [AP]

Dan Uggla’s hitting streak ends at 33. [AJC]

Welp, turns out the SEC doesn’t actually want Texas A&M [AP]

Spanish Supercopa: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid draw at 2. Second leg is Wednesday in Barcelona. [ESPN Soccernet]

Barcelona (finally) have an agreement in principal to receive midfielder Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal. [ESPN Soccernet]

Pujols HR breaks a record. [AP]

AL West race: Diamondbacks top bets but lose key arm in pitching rotation. [AZ Republic]

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