Brandon Jennings to Kobe: Show me your birth certificate

Brandon Jennings wants to see Kobe Bryant’s birth certificate. And yes, it is for as ridiculous a reason that Donald Trump wanted to see Barack Obama’s.

The Compton native was asked about Bryant’s participation in the L.A.-based Drew League, and he did not have a very positive opinion. From the L.A. Times:

“He wasn’t born and raised in L.A,” Jennings toldESPN the Magazine’s Chris Palmer regarding Bryant, who attended Lower Merion near Philadelphia. “You gotta be from L.A. for Drew. Show me a birth certificate.”

This isn’t the first time Jennings has taken aim at Kobe. Earlier this summer he tweeted a photo of himself (seen above) wearing a T-shirt that took a shot at the Lakers star. Who knows where this vitriol Jennings has for Bryant has come from?

But this is for sure: Kobe has done enough for the city of L.A. where he can do whatever he wants there. Kobe wants a private table at Beso? Kobe gets a private table at Beso. Kobe wants to play in the Drew League? Kobe gets to play in the Drew League. Winning championships for a city gives you privileges you didn’t have before. So, Brandon, if you can win five championships with the Bucks, you can probably get comped dinners at fine Milwaukee restaurants such as Denny’s.

[H/T With Leather]

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