New Zealand rugby player arrested after drunken nude rampage

New Zealand national rugby team member Zac Guildford sure had himself one hell of a weekend. The 22-year-old showed up to a bar in Rarotonga naked and covered in blood, proceeded to fight two men, run onto the venue’s stage and into the kitchen. And after all that he STILL managed to leave with a group women. Surprisingly, this is not the most outrageous naked meltdown by an athlete this week

The New Zealand Herald has the details:

Guildford reportedly stormed into Trader Jacks at 10pm, naked and bleeding from cuts received earlier in the day.

He allegedly punched two men, climbed on to the stage and then ran into the bar’s kitchen, where staff covered him with an apron.

He left with a group of women he had been partying with earlier, and police arrived soon after.

A still-naked Guildford was later arrested by local police. The blood came from a gash in his forehead and scrapes from his knees and chest, which are believed to have been sustained after a scooter accident, though those details are still unconfirmed.

This is only the latest incident part of the All Blacks winger’s drinking problem, which his family attributes to the unexpected death of his father in 2009.

Guildford said he can’t remember the events of that evening (one could imagine), but said he is “devastated” over what transpired Friday night.

“He’s really hurting and ashamed,” said Todd Blackadder, Guildford’s club team coach.

“Maybe some good can really come out of the fact that he acknowledges he really needs help.”

Guildford was a member of the All Blacks team that captured the Rugby World Cup title last month. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, weighed in on the star player’s drunken fit.

“What I would say is Zac Guildford is obviously a player with an enormous amount of ability, but if the media reports are right, he needs to try to resolve those personal issues he’s going through,” Key said.

After previous alcohol-related incidents, Guildford finally admitted in September, after breaking team curfew before an All Blacks loss to Australia, that he has a problem.

“Personally, I feel I let myself down and the team down,” he said at the time.

“Obviously a poor performance on the field in a week that I felt the pressure at times led to me making a few bad decisions off the field following that game.”

Aside from penalties under the law, Guildford also faces a potential fine by the New Zealand Rugby Union.

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