Michael Bloomberg wagers 49th Street in bet with San Francisco mayor

Michael Bloomberg must be drinking some of that Kool-Aid the New York Giants have been on this week, matching their confidence by making a steep bet with San Francisco’s mayor on the result of Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

Already this NFL postseason, we’ve seen the Denver’s mayor wear a Patriots jersey and Pittsburgh’s mayor wear a Broncos jersey after losing bets with their municipal government counterparts.

Bloomberg has gotten in on the action as well. Last week the New York mayor made a bet with Green Bay’s mayor, Jim Schmitt. The Giants’ upset of the Patriots last Sunday won Bloomberg cheese curds and root beer.

For this week’s NFC Championship against the 49ers, however, Bloomberg is raising the stakes, putting the naming rights to a Manhattan street on the line as part of a wager with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

From NBC New York:

If the 49ers win, Bloomberg said, he will rename 49th Street in Manhattan “49ers Street.” He’ll also send a dozen New¬†York bagels, from Bagel Oasis in Queens, to San Francisco.

But if the Giants win, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee promises to drape an iconic San Francisco cable car in Giants flags and send over classic sourdough bread.

Wow, Bloomberg really let Lee off the hook here. If you’re offering to rename a street after the opposing team, how are you not asking for more in return, such as 10 pounds of Ghiradelli chocolate, 100 boxes of Rice-A-Roni, or the complete series boxset of Full House?

But, c’mon, let’s be honest. We all know Bloomberg should be asking for Spanish lessons.

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