Warriors and Rockets GMs express regret for Jeremy Lin snubs

This Jeremy Lin has been has been doing some pretty crazy things, wouldn’t you say? So crazy, in fact, that he’s driven two GMs to do the unthinkable — admit a mistake.

If you’re behind on “Linsanity,” a recap: Lin, the undrafted, twice-released point guard out of Harvard, who has been in and out of the D-League in his two professional seasons, has seen his popularity skyrocket the last week thanks to his previous three games for the Knicks, during which he’s managed to average 23.5 points, cross John Wall, garner “MVP” chants from the fans in Madison Square Garden, all while at times playing with a bandage goatee.

The Warriors signed Lin as an undrafted free agent in 2010 before waving him in December in a cap move. He saw action in 29 games for the Warriors last season, playing scant minutes and posting forgettable numbers. Golden State’s GM Larry Riley saw potential in Lin, but admits to The New York Times that he never envisioned what we’re seeing now:

“We always felt there would be some chance he’d be a backup point guard,” said Larry Riley, the Warriors’ general manager. “I have egg on my face in telling you that I did not think he was going to become a starting point guard with a good team. He’s doing that right now.”

After the Warriors sent him to the waiver wire, the Rockets came calling. Lin spent less than two weeks with the team, which released him to make room for center Samuel Dalembert. Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted his mea culpa:

We should have kept @jlin7.Did not know he was this good.Anyone who says they knew misleading U

Lin soon after got picked up by the Knicks, spent more time toiling in the D-League. And now here we are, with Lin as this Tebow-like basketball deity. He just earned a guaranteed contract from the club and can stop sleeping on his brother’s couch.

And then the carriage will turn back to a pumpkin when Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony come back to the lineup.

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