Jeremy Lin to serve on NBPA Executive Committee?

Everybody wants a piece of Jeremy Lin right now. The media. Nike. This girl. And now you can add Billy Hunter to that list.

Hunter, the NBA players’ association executive director, said last week that he hopes Lin, who we all know by now has a Harvard degree in economics, would like to be more involved with the union in some capacity. Via Bloomberg:

Jeremy Lin probably will be the next player representative for the New York Knicks and might win a spot on the union’s executive committee, the head of the National Basketball Association players union said. [...]

“At the least he’d be the player representative for the Knicks,” Hunter said in a telephone interview. “If not something higher.”

Hunter didn’t give a reason for his projection of Lin’s union future. Amar’e Stoudemire is the current Knicks player representative, which teams elect each season. The job usually lasts one season, and if a player wants the spot he generally gets it. [...]

“First of all, it’s not every day that you get a kid from Harvard,” Hunter said. “He’s very bright.”

Sure, everybody loves Lin now. But just wait six years from now when he could end up being the one emerging from a New York hotel lobby in the middle of a freezing December night telling us the season still can’t start because a deal couldn’t be reached with the owners. What was it Harvey Dent said?

[Bloomberg; photo by Nicholas LA]

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