Lakers players planning a revolt against Mike Brown’s offense?

Frustrated Lakers players have recently been meeting in private and planning a revolt against Mike Brown’s offense in favor of a return to former Lakers coach Phil Jackson’s Triangle offense, according to a report by ESPN LA.

On Wednesday the Lakers suffered an embarrassing 106-101 road loss to the abysmal Wizards, despite leading by 21 points in the third quarter. The meltdown was exacerbated by Kobe Bryant shooting 1-for-8 down the stretch. Kobe finished with an absurdly bad 9-for-31 from the field, reflective of the team’s shooting plight this season. The loss was the Lakers’ second on back-to-back nights with the team losing to the Pistons, another hapless squad, the night before.

The Lakers offense has constantly struggled this season, averaging its lowest points per game (94) in over 50 years. It’s led to increasing doubts in the locker room about whether Brown has what it takes to make the team competitive on the offensive end. You may remember the players-only team meeting reportedly held last month where Brown’s coaching tactics was one of the topics discussed. But apparently uncertainties haven’t died down since then.

From ESPN LA’s story:

Brown’s effect on the Lakers’ defense has been undeniable, but sources say the team’s ongoing struggles on the road — with L.A. dropping to 6-14 away from Staples Center following a loss in Detroit and blowing a 21-point lead to the undisciplined Wizards — have some veterans longing for a return to the trusty Triangle offense preferred by Brown’s predecessor, Phil Jackson.


Sources told that multiple players have continued to meet privately since the initial team meeting to discuss running elements of the Triangle offense again.

“The players want to unify,” one source with knowledge of the situation said. “They know how to win, and they want to fix this. I don’t know if they can, though. “

The Lakers might be the most dysfunctional 23-16 team I’ve ever seen.

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12 comments to Lakers players planning a revolt against Mike Brown’s offense?

  • Paul Helmila

    Hi, i think they should go back to the triangle. Apparently what ever is going on with this defense isn’t working out. I would consider trying out a zone defense or a 2 1 2 defense. How does a triangle work affentivley when u don’t have 2 good point guards? I would consider on trading Gasol or another power forward to the celtice for Rando and Allen. Some of the Lakers are playing lowsey basketball and i’d have a talking with them to shape up.

  • ragg

    So when they were winning, the offense was good, but not that KOME Bryant is jacking up shots without a conscience, they are blaming the coach! What a bunch of punks…

    • Absolutely agree! I can’t take any more of watching the Regal King Kobe, hoist up 25-30 shots a game, look at the box scores for the double doubles for Pau and Andrew 9-11 shots on average, always half Kobes. Maybe he thinks he has to take all the shots for the guards, as he clearly has lost confidence in DFish and even Steve, who has been consistently solid from three, before getting hurt. This offense has to spread the court. You need a major bball IQ to run the triangle and a damn good PG, and this team with all the new players are never going to get that either.
      And play a 2-3 zone more with P, A, and Metta down low, and be long out from with Kobe and Steve. Hell the HS varsity team I coach can play a better zone than them. Get over CP and get a quick passing PG.Lastly, if the bigs don’t get touches, don’t go screen for Kobe and see how long that wrist holds up one on five!!

  • Jon

    Does anyone hear Kobe complaining about the offense? Kobe doesn’t care about winning because he is happy JACKING UP 30 SHOTS A GAME!!

  • Melvin

    The Lakers….must attempt to dismissed the romors that has and will have on the team’s stars of trade. With that being said, Yes defense is more a key to winning, but with the Lakers, offense and dedication to winning is a MUST! Going back to the trangle offense is cool, but difficult..there’s only two teams that can do it…Lakers/Bulls. But without Phil Jackson, it will not happen. Bottom line….THE LAKERS NEED A GOOD/GREAT POINT GUARD to make this season a championship one!


  • Leonard

    Get off Kobe this is a hard transition for him as well when things are going well we say he is the greatest player and when he is’nt on we bash what he does he is only trying to do what he does best a that is bring us championships.

  • bill

    They need the 2-4-5 inside-out triangle and get Kobe to run it using his head for a change.

  • If you lead any team by 21 points in the 3rd quarter especially a lowly team like the Wizards, a good team wins this game. The lack of offense is not the only problem, blame the defense and the lack of talent on this team. Also remember after a couple of bad losses from a questionable contender, the blame game always surfaces.

  • carlos

    a good PG will solve all this problems…

  • c.barrett

    We have three of the top ten players in the league and can’t win consistently. What’s the problem? Number one is a defensive point guard with the ability to run the offense. Number two, is a better offensive sceme and that points to the point guard and coaching. Mike Brown may not be the cause but he is not the answer. A Bryon Scott or B.Shaw would have been a better fit for the personnel we have. Keep Kobe, Pau & Bynum, together and sacrafice everyone else if necessary to get what we need. And finally tell Jim Buss, to let Mitch make the decision and for him to go back to school and stay out of what he is not prepared to do. He’s no leader.

  • Charbe

    In response to some of these responses

    The triangle needs a good PG or 2 to be effective??????

    clearly people have zero concept on how the triangle actually works.

    The problem with the Lakers offensde3 today is that this team is still built to run the triangle yet Brown is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The problem is a lack of PG to control both the pace and the touches. In the triangle this is a none issue since spacing and ball/player movement are predicated on reacting to defensive movement from your opponent. Until Brown folds to the players demands offensively OR the front office make a trade for as traditional PG the offense will continue to stall IMO. He should let them run the triangle for the rest of this year and allow the front office to get him the pieces needed for an offensive transition. Until those pieces are in place concentrate on a defensive philosophy while allowing the most successful offense in NBA recent history to be run by a team designed to run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • susumu_kumo

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s everyone’s fault. DFisher and MWP are way past their prime and Kobe and Pau are no more than a couple of complaining pre-Madonna’s. For the most part the starters have real problems with sharing the ball and especially their egos. On the other hand, Mike Brown is running with this old school coaching mentality of sticking with the same rotation of 8 players and not developing the bench. There’s a reason why the Lakers bench are the lowest scoring in the league, it’s all about minutes and helping them develop the confidence they need to score. The only way they’ll get better is by letting them play. I knew from the beginning that the Lakers would not win in the playoffs this year. If I was the coach, I would have spent this season conducting development only.