Giants owner John Mara takes a jab at the Jets for Tim Tebow press conference

The Jets held their introductory press conference for Tim Tebow on Monday (which may better be known for Tebow letting everybody know just how gosh darned excited he is). It was a bit of a curious spectacle and seemed a bit overzealous, given that Tebow is brought in to be a back-up rather that being given the starting gig right off the bat. That’s what Giants owner John Mara had in mind when he took a shot at his Met Life Stadium co-tenants.

Via the Twitter of Newsday’s Bob Glauber:

David Carr, of course, is the Giants’ QB2. It’s not the first time people have questioned the Jets over the decision to hold a presser for Tebow (questioning the Jets is something a lot of people seem to be doing these days). But keep in mind that Tebow is a high-profile player. He’s not your ordinary second-stringer whose career achievement to date is not ever dropping the clipboard. The Eagles have done the same with Michael Vick and Vince Young, two high-profile quarterbacks they brought it to be back-up.

The microscope on Tebow is only magnified now that he’s in a place like New York. Such is the Tebow Sideshow.

[H/T Off the Bench; Photo by Jeff Kern]

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