Andrew Bynum doesn’t care about Mike Brown’s huddles

Andrew Bynum with his poor attitude has reportedly been a thorn in the Lakers’ side recently, as evidenced by his infamous three-point attempt and subsequent benching, which Bynum publicly derided, last week. Since then, Bynum’s relationship with coach Mike Brown has been under the microscope. So how have things been between the two? Not good, if you want to read between the lines of Bynum’s remarks to the media after Saturday’s embarrassing near-loss to the Hornets.

Via T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times:

Kobe Bryant missed his first 15 shots, and so a reporter asked Bynum what Kobe was like in the huddle during timeouts?

“I don’t know,” Bynum said with his characteristic cavalier attitude. “I don’t take part in the huddles.”

Another reporter reacted with disbelief, asking why not.

“I’m resting,” Bynum said. “Getting my Zen on.”

So, just to be clear: Not only does Bynum say he doesn’t get involved in Brown’s huddles, but he also makes a comment about Zen Buddhism. Shoutout to Phil Jackson? Who knows. But with this report and others, it’s abundantly clear that Brown, amid rumors that he’s lost the faith of the locker room, doesn’t have the respect of his all-star center.

[H/T Eye on Basketball; Photo by Keith Allison]

10 comments to Andrew Bynum doesn’t care about Mike Brown’s huddles

  • Get my Zen On is hard work, respect for all, attention to task and details, awareness is not attitude,Come on Drew! Focus! jjw

  • Go Lakers! You have one of the best overall starting lineups in the league now, win 44 games, crush everyone in the playoffs and get back to the ring court! Focus & Hardwork, ge gritty and tough minded, this is getting your zen on, get it done against all odds! jjw

  • Andrew, you’re talented, but you’re an idiot. Just play and be thankful for your genetics! Entitlement brings down even REAL stars, like Tiger and Kobe. Don’t go down that road with attitude, Drew. You’re just not THAT good! g.mak, human heart attack.

  • As I always said, the Lakers will never win with Bynum as an important part. When they’ve won in the past he was mostly injured. At 24, he acts like he’s still 18. A team suspension should happen but it won’t. In today’s game players run teams, not coaches.

  • Crocky

    Andrew should have been traded. He is lazy. No doubt he will use this ankle thing to ‘rest’ for the remainder of the regular season then pout if he doesn’t get a lot of playing time in the playoffs. The fans are sick of him, a true ‘star’ plays for his team and his fams, not himself.

  • Yzhar Charuzi

    It is unbecoming to have an attitude at such a young age. The season is at great risk if attitude prevails over excellenc.
    Mr Bynum, please put your act together and be a team player. Don’t try to shread the historic favorable public stand of the Laker organiztion, please and thank you.

  • Grow up Drew, get over the attitude, makes you look like a little kid among are good, but not that good, and like it or not Mike Brown is your coach, and by disrespecting him you disrespect yourself. Don’t make management sorry they traded Odem and Fish, and not you. Get it together please.

  • joyce

    Drew, championships are earned not awarded. Hard work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t work hard.

  • Jay

    lol if drew wants to get his zen on who are we to judge

  • Regi Stuart

    Andrew: Keep up the freaking, “I’m hurt and I won’t play anitics” and see where that gets you!. Once you’re traded, you will forgotten about in (15) minutes. Get your game on and stop wine-ning like a little girl. Get your feelings out of it and put your up your man-game, BOY.