The ballad of Anthony Randolph

By the end of the night on June 26, 2008, Don Nelson was busy puffing away on a victory cigar. The Warriors coach had reason to celebrate. That was the night he drafted a lanky but athletic 18-year-old with heaps of potential named Anthony Randolph, whom Nelson felt was a steal at the 14th overall pick. “That’s the guy I wanted,” Nelson said, delightfully sucking smoke from his stogie. Continue reading →

Deron Williams feels sorry for John Wall, rips the Wizards

John Wall hasn’t really blossomed as we expected him to. His numbers this year haven’t improved at all from those of his rookie year. Call it a sophomore slump if you want, but let’s face it: The team he plays on is lousy (yet still a bit better than the team that even says stinks). That’s certainly no excuse, but Deron Williams gets it and feels bad for the struggling, young Wizards point guard: Continue reading →

New team, same JaVale McGee (Video)

When this blog last checked in on JaVale McGee he was continuing his comedy act with the Washington Wizards. But since then, an astonishing development occurred. With a last-minute trade-deadline deal, the Wizards sent the meddlesome McGee to Denver for Nene. For the Wiz, it was undoubtedly the equivalent of swallowing a ginormous aspirin tablet. Continue reading →

JaVale McGee strikes again (Video)

A play-by-play for this sequence from Monday night: The Wizards are on a fast break. JaVale McGee runs up the middle of the court. JaVale McGee doesn’t know where the ball is, gets hit in the face on a pass intended for him, turns ball over. JaVale McGee sulks and doesn’t bother getting back on defense. The Wizards force another turnover. JaVale McGee, still on the other end, has an easy dunk. JaVale McGee is awesome.

[H/T That NBA Lottery Pick]

JaVale McGee probably had the best non-dunk of the night (Video)

JaVale McGee and his antics are a favorite of this blog. But this time he makes an appearance for something good. Here’s the Washington Bullets Wizards center with an impressive play in the Tuesday night’s game in Milwaukee. He almost turns the ball over upon receiving it but makes up for it by throwing down a ferocious Blake-Griffin-on-Mozgov-style non-dunk. Classic McGee.

I’ve got to tip my cap to McGee for this. Normally, after a throw down like that, McGee would act all cocky like he just made the greatest slam dunk since breakaway rims were introduced and then somehow embarrass himself in the process. But not this time. He simply jogs down the court and gets back on defense (and was actually supposed to). He’s growing up before our very eyes.

[H/T SportsGrid]

JaVale McGee ran back for defense while the Wizards were still on offense last night (Video)

Dribbling between your legs in the middle of the lane? Check. Throwing up a clumsy hook shot that’s off the mark? Check. Hustling down the court for defense while your team still has the ball? Check. Ending the sequence by falling to the ground on a failed alley-oop? Check. Being the most entertaining player in the NBA for all the wrong reasons? Check. Continue reading →