Barack Obama gives ‘notes’ to his daughter’s basketball coach

Bill Simmons’ podcast with Barack Obama is making the rounds today, and rightly so. This is perhaps the first time since he was elected to office we’ve gotten to hear the president speak at great length about sports. The conversation covered Jeremy Lin, college football’s postseason, throwing first pitches, along with other subjects, even The Wire. Obama also talked about what type of sports parent he is. And we find out he’s just another one of those parents who think they know more than the coach. Continue reading →

President Obama is all-Lin on Jeremy Lin

The real-life Disney movie that is the Jeremy Lin phenomenon obviously has the sports world buzzing. The Knicks’ unlikely point guard has made believers out of practically everybody. Nobody knows how long Lin can keep this up, but it’s hard not to be enamored with Lin’s accomplishments in the short time he’s become a celebrity. Tuesday night’s game-winning three just adds to the majesty.

So naturally, America’s most prominent sports fan is waist-deep in the frenzy. Continue reading →

Obama speaks out about NBA lockout’s end

When a nasty labor dispute preventing an NBA season finally comes to an end, it’s only logical to find out what the sport’s most prominent fan thinks. Continue reading →

Brandon Jennings to Kobe: Show me your birth certificate

Brandon Jennings wants to see Kobe Bryant’s birth certificate. And yes, it is for as ridiculous a reason that Donald Trump wanted to see Barack Obama’s. Continue reading →