Being Michael Jordan is hard if you’re not Michael Jordan (Video)

ESPN unveiled a tremendous new commercial over the weekend about an everyday schlub who happens to share a name with one the world’s most popular athletes. I guess now we see why the guy who played Wallace on “The Wire” (and Vince on “Friday Night Lights”) goes by Michael B. Jordan. Continue reading →

Derrick Rose thinks he’s viewed as a “demigod or something like that”

Derrick Rose got himself in a bit of trouble last week. After the Bulls’ win over the Knicks — a game in which he went to the line only nine times — the MVP was frustrated with what he viewed as a lack of preferential treatment from the officials.

“I’ve gotta be the only superstar in the league that’s going through what I’m going through right now,” Rose said last Monday. “But I can’t say too much about it.”

The league made Rose’s wallet $25,000 lighter for the remarks.

On Monday, Rose, usually soft-spoken and never one for attention, reflected on his comments last week and concluded that people aren’t used to him speaking without a filter. And it was hilarious. Continue reading →

Will Ferrell hilariously introduces the Bulls and Hornets (Video)

What a week of random appearances for Will Ferrell. First he had that brilliant Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad that was curiously shown in only North Platte, Neb. And then here he was in New Orleans Wednesday night giving the pre-game introductions for Bulls vs. Hornets in his trademark deadpan humor.

“He collects rare birds and has a pet dolphin named Chachi. Luol Deng,” has to be my favorite line.

If this was some ploy by the 4-22 Hornets to bring people to the game, it evidently didn’t work. Just look at all those empty seats. Perhaps they should have asked Ferrell to wrestle a bear.

And even still, Ferrell’s appearance remained the highlight of the game. Bulls cruised, 90-67.

(video H/T Eye on Basketball)

Dwight Howard is now cool with being traded to the Bulls, too

Orlando Magic center and noted frontrunner Dwight Howard has possibly come out with another team on his list of preferred destinations, this time telling the Chicago Tribune on Friday that he would be open to a trade to the Chicago Bulls. Continue reading →

Brian Scalabrine made the play of his career last night (Video)


Brian Scalabrine with the reverse lay-in! At first, this is a play guys like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant make routinely, so to the casual observer this might not be much.

But what makes this play impressive is that it comes from the White Mamba. By his standards, this is probably the greatest play he’ll ever make in his life. The phenomenon of Brian Scalabrine is remarkable. He receives scant minutes, yet he’s constantly a crowd favorite wherever he plays probably because he makes hustle plays in his minimal time on the court and is an awkward-looking white guy.

And yet here he was for the shorthanded Bulls Monday night, contributing 23 minutes and five points off the bench and making a pretty play against Kris Humphries of all people. The crowd loved it. The announcers loved it. Kim Kardashian loved it. We all win!

[H/T SportsGrid]

Sawley’s NBA season preview and predictions

The NBA starts today in a wonderful quintupleheader spanning three television networks. So join me as I unveil my predictions and gloss over some of the pertinent topics regarding the upcoming season. If you start before the first tip, you should finish by, oh say, halftime of the third game. Continue reading →