Watch DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin find out about the Chris Paul trade (Video)

The Clippers had some sort of sham public relations stunt Wednesday, giving fans the chance have an exciting bus ride around town with a few of the players. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were among the players involved in the event, and a camera filming the whole thing happened to capture Jordan and Griffin acting like a giddy couple of high school girls gossiping when they found out who will be giving them alley-oops this season. (I guess they forgot that their coach was still Vinny Del Negro and their owner was still Donald Sterling.)

At one point Jordan asks the person he’s talking to on the phone, “Who’d we give up?” Well, DeAndre, maybe you should ask Eric Gordon, who was also there part of the Clippers event. Yep. Awkward, indeed.

[H/T Eye on Basketball]

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