Sawley’s 2012 college football preview and picks

I’ll keep this intro brief because what follows is an exhausting 3,000 words of somewhat insightful, hopefully entertaining, analysis of the forthcoming the 2012 college football season. But real quick:

Saturdays in the fall. Nothing like ‘em. They’re even better if spent on a college campus with its team playing a big game. The anticipation. The excitement. The celebration. (Or sometimes) the agony. It’s a melting pot of emotions that, win or lose, makes everything worth it. Saturdays as a whole are the one thing I painfully miss about my college days. And it’s something I didn’t realize until my first season back home last year, with no alternative other than to watch hundreds of miles away all alone on my parents’ couch. *wipes tear*

Anyway, onward… Continue reading →

The weekend that was

Busy celebrating Kyle Chander’s (much, much deserved) Emmy win this weekend? Here’s some of what you missed. Continue reading →

This week’s college football and NFL picks

In my first installment of football picks this year, I went 3-2-1. Not a bad week. It was certainly better than the Seahawks-49ers game. But I know I’m capable of more. So what picks am I going with this week? Let’s find out. Continue reading →