Giants owner John Mara takes a jab at the Jets for Tim Tebow press conference

The Jets held their introductory press conference for Tim Tebow on Monday (which may better be known for Tebow letting everybody know just how gosh darned excited he is). It was a bit of a curious spectacle and seemed a bit overzealous, given that Tebow is brought in to be a back-up rather that being given the starting gig right off the bat. That’s what Giants owner John Mara had in mind when he took a shot at his Met Life Stadium co-tenants. Continue reading →

Bill Belichick to Patriots defense before final drive: “Make them go to Manningham”

NFL Network debuted it’s Super Bowl version of “Sound FX” Wednesday night. The behind-the-scenes series gives fans a deeper look into the games by playing never-before-heard soundbites by players, coaches, officials, etc. Wednesday’s airing did not disappoint, letting viewers in on what those close to the action were thinking during some of the Super Bowl’s most crucial moments. Continue reading →

Brandon Jacobs says Gisele should “continue to be cute and shut up”

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs isn’t done taking swipes at the team his just defeated in the Super Bowl, this time criticizing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, for her harsh words following New England’s loss in the big game. Continue reading →

This woman was really excited to see Mark Sanchez at the Giants’ Super Bowl parade (Video)

The Canyon of Heroes in Manhattan was lined with droves of fired up New York Giants fans Tuesday. Probably none more than this girl, who was so confidently excited to see “Sancheeeeeez!”

Right city, wrong team. The brief moment of silence that follows says it all.

Mark Sanchez now officially wants to date this girl.

[H/T Deadspin]

Lucky New York Giants fan to donate entire $50,000 winnings to charity

It turns out the $50,000 that a lucky (or crazy) New York Giants fan won Sunday in Las Vegas will be going to charity. Continue reading →

Super Bowl XLVI preview and pick

EA Sports this week, using Madden 2012, came out with its simulation for the Super Bowl. Other than a thinly veiled attempted at advertising, I don’t know why they do this. It’s not like this isn’t something that literally any person can do. I can go to my couch right now, turn on my Play Station and spend 20 minutes doing this myself.

Here’s another reason I don’t get so enamored with the annual Madden Super Bowl simulation: there’s no way to prove that all the highlights are from one simulation. EA never makes available the entire game. It just mashes together a bunch of highlights for the Internet and ESPN. How do we know the folks at EA didn’t just simulate the game 40 different times and took the best plays to create the result they wanted? And how does it just so happen that all the top players are still healthy in the fourth quarter? I’ve played Madden more than enough to know that any random player can ALL BUT DIE at any point of any game. Go play this game on Madden right now, and don’t say I didn’t warn you when Tom Brady breaks his pelvis in the first half. Continue reading →