Dwight Howard’s quest to be liked backfires in his face

Never mind about whether was appropriate for Stan Van Gundy to expose Dwight Howard. It’s out in the open now. Might as well discuss it.

“It” was a rather telling sequence with Van Gundy and Howard after the Magic’s Thursday morning shootaround. It started when Van Gundy was asked by the media about a report earlier this week that said Howard wanted him out as head coach, and he was candid with his response. Continue reading →

Larry King has a major Dwight Howard scoop

He was leaving, then he was staying, then it looked certain he would be leaving. But, nah, Dwight Howard punk’d all of us as decided to stay with the Magic, as far-from-thilled he looked and sounded about it.

But now a new, scandalous, shocking, loosely-sourced report about Howard’s formerly potential move to the New Jersey Nets has surfaced. But this isn’t the enterprising work of NBA scribes such as Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Stein, Ken Berger or even gossip monger and eardrum exploder Chris Broussard. The one with the hot scoop this time is … Larry King? Continue reading →

The Magic are reportedly prepared to let Dwight Howard unofficially run the team

The Orlando Magic is reportedly trying to acquire a top player before Thursday’s trade deadline as a way to hopefully entice Dwight Howard to sign an extension with the team. The Magic is allegedly going after Monta Ellis, but the Warriors reportedly aren’t willing to cooperate. If this strategy of adding a star player isn’t alluring enough for Howard, the Magic are willing to get desperate. Continue reading →

Magic fans bust out awful song to convice Dwight Howard to stay (Video)

The NBA’s trade deadline is March 15, which means the Dwight Howard sweepstakes could be heating up over the next two weeks. While a bunch of teams are after the big man, there’s still a possibility he could remain in Orlando. That’s what a bunch of Magic fans are hoping by producing this song and video, neither of which render any enjoyability. Continue reading →

Dwight Howard is now cool with being traded to the Bulls, too

Orlando Magic center and noted frontrunner Dwight Howard has possibly come out with another team on his list of preferred destinations, this time telling the Chicago Tribune on Friday that he would be open to a trade to the Chicago Bulls. Continue reading →

Jason Richardson jumped off the bench to help out on defense last night (Video)


Basketball doesn’t have power plays, but this bizarre sequence from Monday’s Orlando Magic-Boston Celtics game looks exactly like the end of a man advantage in hockey when a team gets back to full strength.

The Magic were playing defense with four players against the Celtics’ five when Orlando’s Jason Richardson noticed the “whoopsy daisy” and jumped off the bench to help out, arriving in time to knock the ball out of Greg Stiemsma’s hands.

Unfortunately, just by looking at the final score, the Magic might have been playing with four guys most of the night. They got smoked by a depleted Celtics squad, 87-56.