This week’s college football and NFL picks

Last week was slightly better than the week before. 3-2-1, bringing me to 12-10-2 overall. My fantasy team’s struggles also continued, for those wondering. After Monday Night Football, a game that included two guys in my starting lineup (Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe), I lost by 0.1. A tenth of a point! I blame Rivers and Cassel.┬áIt was the worst feeling in the world, especially because there were ample opportunities for both guys to have catches late in the game. Anyway, I ended up losing officially by 1.9 points after one my opponent’s players got a stat correction. It still hurts. Continue reading →

This week’s college football and NFL picks

Ouch. A 2-4 outing in my picks last week was hardly what I expected, bringing my season to 9-8-1. It was a messy weekend of football-related activities I participate in. There’s my worst-ever week of picks, and then both my fantasy teams lost. To make matters worse on the fantasy front, I have DeMarco Murray on one of my fantasy teams, but left him on the bench. Instead, I started Rashard Mendenhall and Willis McGahee. Murray went on to score 31 fantasy points in a breakout game. Mendenhall and McGahee combined for less than 11 points. Awesome! Time for a bounceback week.

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The weekend that was

Busy celebrating Kyle Chander’s (much, much deserved) Emmy win this weekend? Here’s some of what you missed. Continue reading →

This week’s college football and NFL picks

In my first installment of football picks this year, I went 3-2-1. Not a bad week. It was certainly better than the Seahawks-49ers game. But I know I’m capable of more. So what picks am I going with this week? Let’s find out. Continue reading →

Sawley’s 2011 NFL predictions

It’s finally here. The NFL regular season. When the Saints and Packers strap on their helmets Thursday night it will commence an over-five-month journey of gridiron action that for a while we thought we wouldn’t be able to have.

With that said, and before it’s too late, I’d like to give my picks for the season. Continue reading →

Chris Cooley admits Eagles are ‘team to beat’ in NFC East

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley isn’t going to B.S. you.

So when he went on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. and was asked about the competitive NFC East, he answered the question honestly. Continue reading →