Kobe on being Shaq’s teammate: “There was no way it was going to last… it wasn’t a natural mix.”

With Kobe Bryant passing Shaquille O’Neal for fifth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, two have been exchanging pleasantries through the media. But when mentioning both Kobe and Shaq in the same sentence, obviously you’re going to think of their beef that ended their run together in Los Angeles and temporarily embittered their relationship. At one point Shaq called Kobe his proctologist (or something like that). Continue reading →

Shaq got a Christmas tree thrown on him by “Chris Bosh” last night (Video)

Shaq has been ruthless with his criticism of Chris Bosh, comparing the Miami big man to RuPaul a couple years back and, more recently, shutting him out when saying the Heat have a “big two.” Well, Bosh got his last night when “he” made an appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Continue reading →

Watch Shaq’s miniature girlfriend give him a piggy back ride (Video)

We’ve come to know Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz (yeah, that Hoopz) as that couple that gives us comical paparazzi photos of them that look like Shaq’s taking his daughter to buy school supplies or holding his daughter’s hand to cross the street.

But when the topic of the couple’s irreconcilable differences in height came up during Shaq’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the Diesel came to his lady’s defense, saying she was strong enough to carry him on her back. So, of course this was something that had to be demonstrated on national television. Continue reading →

Shaq proposes to Betty White, subsequently gets slapped

Here’s two people who you rarely hear from.

For whatever reason (looks like some sort of shoot), the Big AARP was hanging out with Betty White, who’s actually been eligible for the AARP for 39 years now, the other day. Continue reading →