Sawley’s 2012 NFL predictions and preview

Rejoice! Football where the players get paid is back! Actually, I should clarify that: The NFL is back! Tonight and this weekend collectively are Christmas for NFL freaks, unless you’re from the ilk of football fanaticism like myself that enjoys the NFL and college football equally and already sated your months-old football withdrawals last weekend. But the first weekend of college football for the most part wasn’t too riveting. As per usual, the good teams scheduled cupcake teams to beat up on. And some of the good match-ups that people were actually looking forward to were curb stompings as well (way to show, Michigan).

But this is the NFL. It already got the frivolous football (in the form of the preseason) out of the way. These games are going to be entertaining and competitive, damn it! Or Jerry Jones was not just in the most awkward TV commercial ever.

Anyway, I’ll keep it brief and move on from there because once again I went overboard and purged nearly 3,000 words of mindless, rambling NFL jibber jabber constructed from the confabs of my mind. Continue reading →

Giants owner John Mara takes a jab at the Jets for Tim Tebow press conference

The Jets held their introductory press conference for Tim Tebow on Monday (which may better be known for Tebow letting everybody know just how gosh darned excited he is). It was a bit of a curious spectacle and seemed a bit overzealous, given that Tebow is brought in to be a back-up rather that being given the starting gig right off the bat. That’s what Giants owner John Mara had in mind when he took a shot at his Met Life Stadium co-tenants. Continue reading →

NYC strip club offering Tim Tebow his first lap dance

Rick’s Cabaret is notorious for being one of the the top gentlemen’s clubs in New York. Tim Tebow is notorious for being one of the most devoutly religious athletes in professional sports. With Tebow arriving in New York, it was only a matter of time before these two beings would collide somehow. And now they are: Rick’s is offering the most overhyped back-up quarterback ever his first lap dance. Continue reading →

Jaguars owner Shad Khan ‘very satisfied’ with Tim Tebow outcome

For a while Wednesday afternoon and evening when the Tim Tebow trade to the Jets stalled, it looked as if the Jaguars might sneak into the negotiations and steal Tebow from the Jets. No surprise, really. New Jaguars owner and Batman villain stand-in Shad Khan has been public about suffering from Tebow Fever (or whatever you call it).

But no, Tim Tebow is officially heading to the Big Apple where he will probably have to earmuff it up a lot under his new potty-mouthed head coach Rex Ryan. And although he didn’t get the guy he wanted, Khan is coming out of the situation head high, according to a statement he released on the Jags’ website: Continue reading →

Tim Tebow shoots down ‘Bachelor’ rumors

Monday gave us the totally exciting news gossip that one Timothy Richard Tebow is quite possibly, perhaps, coulda-woulda-shoulda, “Oh, my God, are you serious?” being considered to be the star of the next season of speed-dating-on-steroids reality show The Bachelor. Continue reading →

Tim Tebow woos Hollywood stars at pre-Oscars event

Last week Tim Tebow, the Jeremy Lin before Jeremy Lin, signed with mega-agent Ari Emanuel, whom, fun fact, Entourage‘s Ari Gold is based on. That gave Tebow clearance for an invite to Emanuel’s star-studded pre-Oscars party Friday night in Emanuel’s mansion. Most of the who’s who of Hollywood was in attendance, and yet Tebow was perhaps the most popular guy there. Continue reading →